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Lesson's Corner
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Teachers's Corner
  • Candi Helsel-Wilk

    Candi Helsel-Wilk I have been teaching in the Fine Arts Department at Homewood-Flossmoor High school since 2005. My personal work consists of multimedia painting and photography.

  • Jaclyn Wargo

    Jaclyn Wargo I have been teaching art at Homewood-Flossmoor High School for the past 8 years. My personal artwork consists of free-lance graphic design work, drawings and paintings.

  • Jilian Reints

    Jilian Reints I work at Belvidere High School in Belvidere Illinois near Rockford and have been teaching there for the past six years.

  • John Zilewicz

    John Zilewicz I became an art educator for mainly two reasons, I wanted to share my artistic talents with others and I liked working with people, so teaching offered me the opportunity to do both and earn a living.

Student's Corner
Barbara Kennedy

"A lot of my artwork reflects my personal interests. I’m always drawn to magic, fairy tale, and surrealistic ideas so a lot of my work reflects those elements." - Barbara Kennedy